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Nitrous Oxide Specialist

Urology Associates of Southeastern North Carolina

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Nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” can ease your tension and reduce your anxiety during medical procedures. The board-certified urologists at Urology Associates of Southeastern North Carolina in Wilmington, North Carolina, and Southport, North Carolina, are always looking for ways to make their patients feel more comfortable. This includes the use of nitrous oxide when necessary to decrease your stress and make it easier to undergo various diagnostic studies or in-office procedures. For outstanding urological care that also focuses on your comfort, schedule a visit at Urology Associates of Southeastern North Carolina today. Give the office a call or book your appointment online.

Nitrous Oxide

What is nitrous oxide?

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a colorless and odorless gas that slows your body’s reaction time when inhaled. This results in a calm, euphoric feeling that can indeed make you laugh unexpectedly. It’s typically used to treat pain and as a mild sedative.

Many dentists use nitrous oxide to promote relaxation during dental procedures. Thus far, Urology Associates of Southeastern North Carolina is the only medical practice in the area that offers the sedative benefits of nitrous oxide to their patients.

What are the benefits of nitrous oxide?

There are many benefits to the use of nitrous oxide during certain types of urological exams, diagnostic studies, or treatment procedures. The sedative effects of nitrous oxide are probably the most notable because it can reduce the anxiety and tenseness that can make some medical procedures physically or emotionally uncomfortable.

Nitrous oxide works quickly but the effects wear off rapidly. Most patients are fully alert and “back to normal” within 15 minutes of the gas being discontinued. If you’re willing to wait, you can drive yourself home or carry on with other routine activities after leaving the office. Many sedatives take hours, even as long as overnight, to wear off.

Like any drug, nitrous oxide can cause side effects that are temporary. Most individuals, however, suffer no adverse reactions or side effects with the use of nitrous oxide when it’s delivered by trained specialists like those at Urology Associates of Southeastern North Carolina.

How can I be sure I receive nitrous oxide?

Like any service offered at Urology Associates of Southeastern North Carolina, your provider first considers your overall medical history, current medications, the type of procedure you’re having, and your symptoms before approving the use of nitrous oxide.

Importantly, however, nitrous oxide can improve your comfort level and your ability to undergo certain procedures. It’s a service this dedicated group values. So, be sure to share your feelings with your doctor as you discuss upcoming procedures and voice your desire to receive nitrous oxide.

For top-rated urological care that focuses on healing as well as your experience during every visit, schedule an appointment at Urology Associates of Southeastern North Carolina today. Call the office or book your visit online. And don’t forget to ask about nitrous oxide.