Understanding the Effects of Low Testosterone

Understanding the Effects of Low Testosterone

Most people associate testosterone with sex drive. Yes, while testosterone does play a crucial role in sexual health, it’s involved with far more biological processes in the body. Because of that, it can really derail your system when these hormone levels drop below normal.

Our team at Urology Associates of Southeastern North Carolina provides expert care for all aspects of men’s health, including hormonal issues like low testosterone. If you haven’t been feeling your best, here’s what you should know about testosterone and how it impacts your overall health.

Testosterone in action

Both male and female reproductive systems make testosterone. However, in male systems, it gets produced by the testicles in much larger amounts. It’s considered a “male sex hormone,” and it regulates sperm production and sex drive. 

However, this hormone also supports other aspects of the body, such as:

Generally speaking, testosterone production significantly increases as you reach puberty. Similarly, most men begin experiencing a decline of 1-2% each year by the time they reach 30. And as they pass age 45, it’s common for one-third of men to have testosterone levels considered lower than normal.

Signs of low testosterone

Unfortunately, without optimal hormone levels, your body can’t function properly. When testosterone levels drop, this imbalance can cause specific symptoms, such as:

It’s also common for men to feel “off” or “not their best” and not know why when their testosterone drops. Fortunately, our skilled team can help get to the bottom of your imbalance and provide treatments that leave you feeling like yourself again.

Treating low testosterone

While aging certainly plays a role in testosterone levels, it’s not the only cause. As a result, our first step in treating low testosterone involves a thorough examination to identify the root cause of your imbalance.

After reaching a diagnosis, we can create a personalized treatment strategy that treats your issue at the source. We could also recommend medications — like gels, patches, injections, or implanted pellets — to help balance your hormones.

Hormone pellets offer a convenient and comfortable solution for restoring healthy testosterone levels in the body. This simple process involves inserting tiny pellets under the skin during a routine office visit. 

They’re only the size of a grain of rice, but they slowly release testosterone in your system so you can avoid the ups and downs of daily therapies.

No matter which hormone treatment you choose, we keep an eye on your testosterone levels moving forward to ensure you have the right dose to keep you in optimal health.

Could you have low testosterone? Learn more about your treatment options by contacting Urology Associates of Southeastern North Carolina to schedule a consultation in Wilmington or Southport, North Carolina, today.

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