Kidney Cancer

What is kidney cancer?

Kidney cancer develops when healthy cells in your kidneys grow out of control. These cells eventually form a lump in your kidney, known as a tumor. But cancerous cells can also spread outside your kidneys to other parts of your body.

Cancer that’s spread is often much harder to treat. That's why you need to get care right away if you suspect cancer. Early diagnosis and treatment give you a better chance of beating the disease. 

What are the symptoms of kidney cancer?

Symptoms of kidney cancer can include:

  • Blood in the urine
  • Abdominal swelling
  • Swelling of the legs
  • Fever
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Lower back pain

The symptoms can sometimes be vague. Many people with cancer report that their first symptom was simply "not feeling well." If you have cancer, you might feel as if you have the flu and that it’s not going away.

At Urology Associates of Southeastern North Carolina, your provider performs an in-depth assessment. They get to the root of your symptoms and offer expert cancer screenings. 

What are the risk factors for kidney cancer?

Studies have shown that the need for long-term dialysis may increase your risk of kidney cancer. Kidney surgery and immunosuppressant drugs might also increase your risk of kidney cancer. These treatments can be lifesavers for people with kidney disease. But if you're receiving care for kidney disease, you might face unique health risks.

At Urology Associates of Southeastern North Carolina, your provider helps you weigh the risks of each treatment. You can rest assured that the team works closely with kidney disease patients. They provide compassionate care and ongoing health screenings. 

How is kidney cancer treated?

Surgery is the best treatment for many forms of cancer. If you have kidney cancer, your provider may suggest a nephrectomy. This procedure removes some or all of the affected kidney. Your surgeon might also remove surrounding glands or tissues.

Urology Associates of Southeastern North Carolina is staffed by expert surgeons. They use state-of-the-art techniques, including robotic surgery, to ensure the best possible outcome. After surgery, your provider also delivers the follow-up care you need to stay healthy.

To learn more about kidney cancer treatment options, call the office today or schedule an appointment online. 

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