Vasectomy Reversal

What is a vasectomy reversal?

A vasectomy blocks sperm from reaching the seminal fluid that’s ejaculated from the penis during sexual activity. This typically occurs when both ends of the small tubes that carry sperm from the testes to the urethra (the vas deferens) are cut and sealed during a minor, in-office surgery.

Semen still exists after a vasectomy. Sperm are still produced by the testes after a vasectomy, but they’re absorbed by the body rather than mixing with semen.

During most vasectomy reversals, the ends of the vas deferens are opened and reconnected. This is called a vasovasostomy and allows sperm to flow freely again and mix with semen.  

In some cases, the vas deferens is reconnected to the epididymis, a small coiled tube running along the back of a testicle that carries sperm to the vas deferens. This procedure is known as a vasoepididymostomy and can also restore the flow of sperm.

How soon will my partner get pregnant after a vasectomy reversal?

Results vary. It can take 4-12 months for pregnancy to occur after the procedure. It’s important to note, however, that this timeline is also typical for women whose partners haven’t had a vasectomy or reversal procedure.

Which type of vasectomy reversal is best?

Your Urology Associates Of Southeastern North Carolina, P.A. specialist decides to perform a vasoepididymostomy or vasovasostomy based on findings during surgery. After making a small incision that allows access to the vas deferens and trimming away the scarred/sealed ends of the tube, your surgeon checks for sperm in the fluid found in the portion of the vas deferens that’s closest to the testis. 

If there’s adequate sperm in the fluid from the vas deferens, your urologist performs a vasovasostomy to join the ends of the tube. If sperm aren’t found in the fluid, the epididymis may be blocked due to pressure from the previous vasectomy. In this case, your doctor performs a vasoepididymostomy to bypass the block and allows sperm to flow.

It’s also possible that you require a vasovasostomy on one side and a vasoepididymostomy on the other. The specialists at Urology Associates Of Southeastern North Carolina, P.A. have the skills and expertise necessary to successfully perform this detailed surgery. 

For more information about vasectomy reversal, schedule a visit at Urology Associates Of Southeastern North Carolina, P.A. today. Call the office or book your appointment online.

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